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'Find Love', opening single of multi-talented Igor Vince’s debut album "Let’s Do It" goes back to the roots of light rhythmic lover’s rock with some superb toasting and vocals of young Jamaican artist Tommy T.

Belgrade-based internationally known musician Igor Vince started a new chapter in his career launching his debut album “Let’s Do It” full of surprises and positive vibrations for all of those thirsty for the real innovation in the field of world music. Virtuous musicians gathered to support his effort both from Belgrade and from all over the world, including such masters as Femi Kuti and Dean Bowman, just to name a few. Album brings riches of world sounds, riddims and strong feelings, with songs in English, French, Spanish, Patois and Serbian. It harmonically unifies the world in basic emotions, making you move to the rhythm from the first song. Simple and strong.

Somehow naturally, album promotion starts with a fresh summer reggae song Find Love, which features young Jamaican artist Tommy T. Basically, this catchy tune is a lover’s rock with two compatible main vocals. It starts and ends like an anthem, with overtone singing. In the meantime, there is no chance the energetic groove will let you stay still. Crisp harmony, developed with soulful brass, complex rhythm and toasting, sounds so simple, but it is in fact the hardest thing to achieve in composition and production. Igor Vince successfully digs deep into the music traditions of the planet to make something truly cheerful and happy.

Find love in the modern world divided by class, race, religion, geography, fashion...but we can’t move on if we don’t, personally and as a civilization. This song preaches that it takes a movement, will and natural intuition; it orders and inspires the only way out of the gloomy reality of modern age – FIND LOVE!

Igor Vince explains his idea for the song: “The melody and harmony just flowed out of me. It stirred a feeling inside me like when the day clearing up, and the lyrics came spontaneously and naturally. Then I called Tommy to come to my studio in Belgrade, and we finished the song very quickly and in a very inspired way. Finding love is an eternal subject, and we wanted to state the obvious: nothing matters without love. It seems that people less and less believe that love happens. Has the world forgotten? Look at the bloody news. Thanks to great friends and family we have been lucky to shot a video on the beaches of Cuba. It adds another level of meaning to the song. No borders of any kind for love.”

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